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【亚搏手机版app下载】小学英语 英语名词、冠词、代词训练题

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本文摘要:小学英语名词训练题一、用所给词的适当形式填空1. There are some ____(potato)in the basket.2. Look!


小学英语名词训练题一、用所给词的适当形式填空1. There are some ____(potato)in the basket.2. Look! There are a lot of _____ (leaf) on the ground.3. I have two ______ (knife).4. There are many _______(box) here.5. Two _______(policeman) are standing there.6. There are a few ______(people) in the room.7. I want three ______(glass) of ______(milk).8. It has four ____(foot).9. There are too ____(baby) in the picture.10. These ______(watch) and ______(clock) are made in this ______(city).11. There are many _____(bus) on the road.12. A few ______(boy) are drawing on the wall.13. The ______(child) are playing football now.14. He has several interesting ______(book).15. Changjiang River is one of the longest ________(river) in China.二、选择最佳谜底填空1. This is not your radio ,but _____A.yours brother B.your brother’s brother’s D.yours brother’s2. September 10th is_______Day.A. Teacher B.Teachers C. Teacher’s D. Teachers’3. Jenny is _____sister. A. Mary and Jack B. Mary’s and Jack’s C. Mary’s and Jack D. Mary and Jack’s4. I will give you _____to finish it. A. two week’s time B. two week’ time C. two weeks’ time D. two weeks time5. Miss Smith is a friend of _______. A. Mary’s mother’s B. Mary’s mother C. Mary mother’s D. mother’s of Mary6. We should clean _____every day. A. our tooth B. our tooths C. our teeth D. teeth7. There _____no water in the glass. A. has B. are C. have D. is8. There ______ a pen and two books on the desk. A. has B. is C. were D. have9. The boy and his sister ______here. A. is B. am C. will D. are10.Five thousand dollars ______a lot of money. A. are B. is C. have been D. has been11.The poor _____happy. A. is not always B. hasn’t always C. are not always D. haven’t always12.Maths ______one of the subjects that I study. A. are B. is C. shall be D. were13.All the news ______true now. A. is B. are C. can be D. has been14.The football team ______ listening to the popular music now. A. are B. is C. was D. were15.________enjoy listening to popular music. A. Thirteen-year-olds B. Thirteen-year-old C. Thirteen-years-old D. Thirteen-years-olds小学英语冠词训练题一、翻译下列词组1.半小时( ) 2.打篮球( )3.步行( ) 4.一个5岁的男孩( )5.弹钢琴( )二、在需要的地方填上适当的冠词1. June 1st is ______Children’s Day.2. There;s ______ “m” in ______ word “mother”.3. It’s _____ interesting work and I like it.4. ---Did you play _____ basketball after _____ school?.---No , I played _____ violin.5. ____sun rise in _____ east and sets in _____ west.三、选择最佳谜底1._____book on the top of the shelf is mine. A. The B. A C.An D./2.You must take ____medicine three times a day and lie in _____bed. A. /; the B. a; / C. the; / D. a; a3.____Smiths are watching _____ TV at home. A. /; the B. The; the C. The; / D. /; /4.A horse is _____useful animal.A. an B. a C. the D. this5.He has already worked for _____hour. A. an B. a C. the D. three6.One tenth of _____ thousand is _____ hundred.7.They filed six times , but they have decided to try _____ A. seven times B. the seven time C. the seventh time D. seventh time8.The little boy wishes to be _____. A. Lei Feng B. the Lei Feng C. this Lei Feng D. a Lei Feng9._____have studied English in our school. A. Most of students B. The most students C. Most of the students D. Most students10.We will begin ______ A. after the dinner B. after the dinners C. after dinner D. before the dinner小学英语代词训练题一、词形转换。1. --- Where is Lucy? --- Lily is looking for ____ ( she ).2. The pen is not yours . It’s ____(her).3. Can you help ____ ( I ) with my English?4. Let ____ ( I ) help you .5. What is ____ ( you ) name?二、改错题。


1. Everyone of them is given an apple.2. I do not know neither of them.3. Who is the pencil ?4. Why do not you get anything to eat ?5. There are two girls in the room . One is Kate , others is Mary.三、选择最佳谜底填空1. Would you like ____to drink ? A. anything B. everything C. nothing D. something2. ____ of us has read the story . A. Some B. Both C. All D. None3. I have two sons , but ____ of them lives with me . A. all B. both C. neither D. few4. There is ____ on Channel 6. Please try to find it . A. important something B. something important C. important anything D. anything important5. This is my bag , and that is ____. A. he B. his C. him D. they6. That is not ____ , it is ____ , I bought it ____ . A. mine , mine , myself B. your , mine , myself C. mine , my , myself D. yours , my , myself7. The girl dresses ____ when she gets up. A. her B. she C. herself D. himself8. Here are two dictionaries . You may use ____ of then . A. either B. each C. every D. all9. ____ of them understood him . A. None B. No one C. Anyone D. Someone10. On ____ side of the street there is a bus-stop . A. both B. all C. every D. each谜底:名词一1.potatoes 2.leaves 3.knives 4.boxes 5.policemen 6.people 7.glasses,milk8.feet 9.babies; clocks; city 11.buses 12.boys 13.children 14.books 15.rives二 1.BDDCA CDBDB AA冠词一 1.half an hour basketball 3.on foot 4.a five-year-old boy the piano二 1./; the 3./ 4/; /; the 5.The; the; the三 AC CCDCC代词一 1.her 2.hers 5.your二 1.Everyone-Every one 2.neither-either 3.Who-Whose 4.anything-something5.others-the other三 DDCBB ACAAD 综合型 1. ____ he is very young, ____ he knows a lot about science. A. Though; butB. Because; so C. Though; /D. When; and 2. She was ____ we all like her. A. such a good singerB. such a good singer that C. a very good singer thatD. so good singer that 3. I’ll give her the message ____ she comes back. A. tillB. beforeC. sinceD. as soon as 4. Mother didn’t go to bed ____ she finished cleaning the room. A. afterB. untilC. becauseD. while 5. It is a long time ____ we met last time in Shanghai. A. beforeB. afterC. sinceD. for 6. He was worried about ____ he would come to my party. A. thatB. whatC. ifD. whether 7. Can you tell me ____ is she going to give me as a present? A. whereB. whenC. whoD. what 8. Rose is an English girl, ____ she doesn’t like English food. A. yetB. soC. forD. and 9. There is air ____ water on the moon. A. andB. orC. soD. yet 10. Tom laughed ____ the others did, ____ he didn’t understand the story. A. like; thoughB. as; thoughC. like; becauseD. as; as 11. It was ____ we went fishing in the open air yesterday. A. such a nice weatherB. so nice weather that C. such nice weather thatD. a nice weather so that 12. I didn’t hear ____ he said just now. A. thatB. whatC. whichD. it 13. They were reading ____ the lights were out. A. as B. whenC. whileD. until 14. The street was wet, ____ it rained last night. A. becauseB. asC. forD. since 15. Could you tell me ____ his father is like? A. that B. how C. why D. what16. Don’t drink too much tea in the evening, ____ you won’t fall asleep. (大连) A. andB. soC. orD. but 17. ____ he is very young, ____ he knows several languag(江西) Though; butB. Because; soC. Though; / D. Because; / 18. Go down the street ____ you see the third crossing. (内蒙 A. thoughB. sinceC. untilD. while 19. He was ____ tired ____ he couldn’t go on working. (河北) A. too; toB. such; thatC. so; thatD. too; that 20. You’d better take this book. It is very good ____ it’s a bit expensive. (2000安徽) A. though B. and C. but D. so。




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